Guest Poet 2017: Diane Seuss

Our guest poet for 2017 will be Diane Seuss.

N9sExtO-Diane Seuss’s most recent collection, “Four-Legged Girl,” was published in 2015 by Graywolf Press and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

“Wolf Lake, White Gown Blown Open” won the Juniper Prize and was published in 2010. Her fourth collection, “Still Life with Two Dead Peacocks and a Girl,” is forthcoming from Graywolf Press in 2018.

Seuss is Writer in Residence at Kalamazoo College and has she also taught many local poets in classes for the community.

The Pulitzer committee called “Four-Legged Girl”: “A richly improvisational poetry collection that leads readers through a gallery of incisive and beguiling portraits and landscapes.”

Find out more about Diane and her work in this interview from 32 Poems.