2022 Celebration

Join us at 6pm Eastern for the Celebration of Community Poets, streaming on our Youtube Channel

2022 Festival

Workshop and Open Mic registrations are now open! View the Upcoming Festival page for more info.

2021 Festival

Thanks so much for joining us for our biggest festival yet! Stay tuned for details on next year’s festival.

Share your accomplishments!

Please share with us anything you’d like us to pass on to the larger Kalamazoo Poetry community. Whether you wrote your first line of poetry in years or won a major award–if it’s poetry related– we want to hear about it! We will post your news on social media, and may share it at the end of the 2022 Celebration of Community Poets.

What We do

A lot of amazing poetry is being created in the Kalamazoo area. The Kalamazoo Poetry Festival was created to make sure everyone knows about it.  We hold a multi-day Poetry Festival every other year, which includes guest poets, workshops, readings, craft talks, and other activities. Everyone is invited and the events are free. 

Keynote Readers

We invite well-known poets from around the country to come read and give a craft a talk. Check out our past events to see who’s read before!


We facilitate a number of writing workshops taught by local poets. The workshops are often developed around a central theme.

Celebration of Community Poets

Every year we hold a reading event that features many amazing poets from around the Kalamazoo area.

Much More

We’re always looking for ways to sponsor and support our local poetry community. If you’ve got an idea, tell us about it!

Help us reach our goal!

Every dollar you donate helps bring world-class poets to Kalamazoo, facilitate workshops, and sponsor poetry events around the city.