KPF Overview

Kalamazoo Poetry Festival is a nonprofit that holds a multi-day festival every other year. The Festival includes guest poets, workshops, readings, craft talks, and other activities. Everyone is invited, and the events are free! In non-Festival years, we present a Celebration of Community Poets that highlights established and emerging poets in the Kalamazoo area.


Our vision is a community where every voice is heard.


The Kalamazoo Poetry Festival connects people through the power of poetry.


  • Provide opportunities for poetic expression
  • Promote learning through poetry
  • Celebrate the diverse voices in our community
  • Showcase experienced and emerging poets
  • Promote poetry as a vibrant and vital art form, and
  • Honor those keeping poetry alive in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

I love to write poems. Can I read at your festival?

Every festival has an open mic. We would love to hear your poems there. We also have a reading
that features poets from the community. It is called the Celebration of Community Poets. If you
would like to be considered for this event, check out the upcoming festival page for more info

How can I lead a workshop at the Kalamazoo Poetry Festival?

Workshops are offered every other year, in odd numbered years. The festival posts a request for workshop proposals about six months before the April festival. At that time, you can submit your idea for a workshop.

Do you have a mailing list?

We do! You can sign up here.

I would like to be considered to be a member of your board of directors. How can I do that?

You can apply to be a board member here. Be sure to read the job description and expectations for board members before deciding to apply.

How much do your events cost?

The Kalamazoo Poetry Festival is free. We do accept donations so that we can continue to offer events each year.

When does the Kalamazoo Poetry Festival take place?

The Kalamazoo Poetry Festival takes place in April, National Poetry Month. The date changes
each year as we try to avoid other major scheduling conflicts such as Spring Break, The Gilmore
Festival and some years, Easter.

Is there a difference between the Celebration of Community Poets and The Kalamazoo Poetry Festival?

We offer the Celebration of Community Poets each year. This is where we highlight local and
regional poets reading their own work. It is the main event in off-years and is one of a number
of events in festival-years.

Have a question not answered here? Contact us.