Pride Poem 2024

She towers above me in her glitter heels
A stiff breeze blows against her blonde bosom
A cold winter shivers down her spine,
Grows bigger and more intense.
The softness of the poem will solve her problem, and
Its flow never stops like rivers like seas, it
Marches unashamed of neighbors and strangers.
She fights the fear storm away, because
Everyone is worthy of at least the organ of a leaf, a plan,
Even though no plan is forever, and no plan sticks like glue-
To her
To me.
I gave so much time to pizza and cookies, and peace
That now all I want is to be gay and loud.
I want to look around me and see others being gay and loud.
My pink eyes match the flowers inside her, and a cool breeze
Precedes the rain and fans the fire that grows between us.
The blue sky is my canvas and I will paint it with dreams.
The silver of the stars stands for our past, I am
Hopeful that soon the good will last-
My liquid gold eyes remain hunting
For a future I will never see.
Though with open arms I embrace
The changing soul within me
And as stars reflect off my eyes
The yellow sun warms my heart
Letting me know it’s safe-
To reconnect with the Earth beneath me
If I beg, I won’t feel the one before me-
Continue to fail, all that will come
Because I can always peer safely inside your heart-
Glitter lids and rainbow calves ready
To stomp to the rhythm of stars
Celebrate a frenzy among the history of scars.
Although I question, I am far more comfortable
Amongst these stars.
The answers were so much greater than I imagined
While the city drowns out the sky, she and
I found light in a different star
Glowing bright through obscuring clouds
Glowing brighter through the impression of wisping cumulus. Do they hate us
When we give all we love?
We don’t know, but
Together we can do anything.
I’m not very good at thinking on my feet
So I think on my heart instead.
She says it’s messy, but that I clean up well.
Thinking is and always has been difficult for me, and
While my thoughts were lost
I found something I didn’t know existed, a
Power a strength. I am that power and strength,
It is love, the best thing we do,
Despite the fear that comes with it.
Love is the continuation of everything that
Came before, all that ever was, radiant rays
Of sun, the basis of life and humanity.
Through the sorrow, the seed of love is here,
Everywhere, and each day that passes,
Through the space between our clasped hands,
She and I take a breath and realize that
Our love does not steal someone else’s space, and
We are worthy of the space we take, and
Even when our hearts are dark,
We can still light up others.
Because words breathe life eternal,
A fruit loop in a world of Cheerios
They just might like our colors, or the shape
Of what we will become.
The city on a hill is crowded, but we burn
In the valley, and sift through ashes in December when-
I think I’ll be happy
If I-
Once she loves herself.
People everywhere, look at the sound of flying,
The feelings passing through, just like birds, freeing and fun, Like poetry on my back, it tickles crimson crushed
To the touch. The sky glows again, and
We touch the blue sea with our toes
When we cleaned our teeth in the lake.
The glow made a sound so dizzying
I had to cut my hearing aids and balance
Myself, steadying on her arm.
The darkness to my light.

Created at Pride 2024 using a typewriter and the “exquisite corpse” writing method